Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fixing what ain't broke

Super awesome weekend! Best yet this year.

I spent the weekend doing nothing but working in the yard. I moved some boulders, put a few in place on the west side of the driveway, bought mulch and put it around my trees and shrubs in the front, watered everything, stirred my compost pile, stacked wood and sticks, mowed, and then did a sort of unnecessary thing - I tore out a perfectly good built-in rock fire pit.

Actually it wasn't perfectly good. I had wanted to redo it and get the fire a bit further away from the patio - don't need more heat playing thermal expansion games with my new concrete. Plus I think someone called it "cute" and/or "litte". And that just ain't right.

So I tore it out.

And rebuilt it.

Now it's bigger, deeper, wider, and probably hotter, too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Working on it

I'm kicking off the landscaping season with a couple of projects: the remaining area by the driveway and the backyard. I'm still in planning phase, and these pics show the current state and my wireframe blanks...

This area by the driveway will get some boulders and some more dirt.

The Northeast corner of the back yard needs some work - several shrubs and trees coming out, and some new trees going in.

Let the mess-making begin!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Oh yeah

It's here. It's finally here, and this time in a way that just can't be stopped. I'm talking about Spring and it's been a bit of a tease thus far in these parts. Of course with it comes a list of to-dos, some of which were accomplished this weekend. The stacking of wood, the picking up of sticks, sweeping and blowing leaves… Thank goodness there is no painting on the list, although I need to do a bit of touch-up in a couple spots. The focus this summer will be on landscaping both in front and in back. More boulders, more plants, some new trees, and one less apple tree, and the expected disappearance of a certain mulch pile.