Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Family weekend

Had the whole family in town this weekend. Mom, dad, sis, gramma, even lil brother plus GF for a little bit. The girls mainly shopped for dresses for the wedding while dad and I patched some concrete on my steps. No big projects this weekend - but I will get around to posting the big projects that have been completed...

Sarah (sis) and I did get out to see Nacho Libre Friday night. Some observations:

1) Director Jared Hess apparently has a food fetish. Food is featured front and center in several throw-backs to the Napoleon Dynamite opening credits. Jack Black's friar character is even a cook.

2) Ana de la Reguera is way too hot to be a nun. Pure, yes.

But way



to be a nun.

3) Interesting how they dealt with the "I'm hot for that nun" angle. Or didn't. OK, not worth the whole analysis at this point, but it is very funny, you will laugh, you will be a little grossed out, and you will like it.

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