Monday, July 31, 2006

It's hahda than it looks

If I went for a run today in Back Bay near B.U. and had clam chowder and crab cakes for dinner, can you guess the name of the baseball park I'll be at tomorrow?

If yeh need a refresha, here's how they talk heah:

Bizah - odd
Flahwiz - roses, etc.
Hahpahst - minutes after the hour
Hahwahya? - how are you?
Khakis - what we staht the cah with
Pissah - superb
Retahded - silly
Shewah - of course
Wikkid - extremely
Yiz - you, plural
Popcahn - popular snack
Review mirra - so you can look at what you just passed, naturally


Sarah said...

So that's where you are... Did you enjoy the game even though the Sox lost? I was behind first plate at Fenway about a year ago.

Sarah said...

P.S.D.S. - holes in ears for jewelry

Cheshire Cat Smile said...