Sunday, January 06, 2008


I had been pondering how to mount my under-cabinet-style lights on the ceiling since the beginning of the project. The ceiling is plywood with a layer of insulation on top, then concrete. The conundrum was how to have lights up there and have paneling on the ceiling, but not see the wires. The solution was to router a groove in the plywood that the wires could sit in and not bow the paneling when I glued it up.

View of the ceiling from the front. The pencil line going back is where I cut the channel.

The glue didn't set as quickly as I had hoped, so I had to use lots of screws. In the struggle to secure the ceiling panelling up, the wires got themselves stuck outside of the channel. When I tried to pull one free it broke under the panelling after I had screwed it up. Well, now I had really screwed it up!

I was able to fish both ends back out and splice them back together and all is well... Ceiling is done and one panel on the wall.

The two most challenging parts are done now (the door/frame and ceiling/lights) and now it appears to be a matter of measuring, cutting, and gluing panelling. Progress is good!


Aaron said...

"now it appears to be a matter of measuring cutting and gluing panelling."

Um, you forgot the part where you buy all the wine to stock this room, and then have everyone over to consume said wine.

Seamus said...

Right. Then that.