Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Rock Wall

The second retaining wall project around my driveway came to a close this past weekend. I spent lots of time in the sun, and a bit of time transporting a ton of rocks in the trunk of my car (literally a ton, in two trips). I back filled as I went and leveled out the hill, so the rocks had something to retain.

Here are the numbers:

4 tons of rocks
2 yards of fill
3 yards of top soil
100 lbs of class 2 base
10 potted plants/flowers
1 sunburned back

Still need to get 200 or so square feet of sod, but the heavy lifting is done.


Sarah said...

Wow - It really looks great! What are you going to do now that this project is done? You've really made that house your own.

Seamus said...

Thanks! Hmmm.. maybe I need to have another party to celebrate!