Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Midway update

Time for an update on the driveway rocks. They're coming along, but slowly. I haven't been able to get more rocks for a couple weeks because of the hours the landscape place is open and I don't want to pay the $55 delivery fee for $140 in materials. Anyway, here's where it's at.


Midway point:

Kinda hard to tell from the pics, but the hill has been raised quite a bit. previously the yard sloped down from the property line to the driveway, but now it levels off at the top of the short retaining wall. I used my entire compost/mulch pile in back to fill it in plus three yards of dirt.

Eventually there will be plants/flowers among the rocks, and grass and border plants on top... Hope to get another load of rocks this weekend and put them in!


Aaron said...

If you aren't having the rocks delivered, who's the sucker helping you? Or are you hauling them in your car?

Seamus said...

In the trunk of the car. 1/2 ton at a time. I always wanted a low-rider.